Our History?

Chillfire was was started in June 2006 by Craig Hogan who after seeing a large number of what could only be called 'cowboy' web agencies selling services and technologies, that they had no idea about.

Craig realised that there was space in the world for a company that did IT in the old fashioned way, with real hard working people using their skills to build quality solutions at a fair price.
7 years on and we are still growing, using newer, better techniques and technologies.

Our mission is to make simple, solid and manageable products that allow our custoemrs to have 100% control of their own technology.

Craig Hogan

craig hogan

Craig was born in the north island of New Zealand in the late 70's and went to Kamo High School until the travel bug kicked in and he left for Sweden where he graduated from Falkenberg Gymnasieskola in 1996.
After a year of working in construction and underground (quite literally) the travel bug kicked in again. A 3 month volunteer role at Youth For Understanding in Denmark quickly became 6 months and onto England to find his fortune.

Fast forward more nearly two decades and he is still building things and solving problems, mostly at the same time.

For more information about Craig have a look at his Linkedin

Current Technologies

Development: C#, MVC, php, KnockoutJS
Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3
Database: SQL Server, MongoDB
Design: Bootstrap, Foundation, Zurb
Management: Trello, Evernote
Mobile: Windows Phone 8, HTML5